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In Loving Memory

April Dawn Black
April 30th 1983 - Nov. 18th, 1990

Our Daughter, April Dawn Black, was born to us on a Saturday morning at 10:29. She weighed 7lbs 4 oz. It was an easy labor and delivery. Only 4 hours from start to end. She was a happy baby, lots of hugs and kisses as she got older. She loved to swim, play outside, play with her friends. She loved her Meme, Papa, Nanee, her Aunts and uncles and her cousins. She loved school. She was in girl scouts. I was her girl scout leader. She had just started playing softball.

April went skating one night and fell and hurt her knee. She didn't mention it again until a few weeks later. She told us, her knee was still hurting. So we took her to the Doctor. She had a hair line fracture on her knee (growth Plate). They put her in a full leg cast for 6 weeks. The day after her 7th Birthday, we took her in to have the cast removed. When they took the cast off her leg, they took an ex-ray and found that the frature not only didn't heal, but had gotten bigger. As they took a closer look at her x-ray they seen a tumor. We was sent to Kansas City to see a specialist the following day. A Biopsy was done, confirmed Bone Cancer (Osteosarcoma). They started her on Chemotherapy. The cancer spread very fast. They had to remove her leg. She had her leg amputated (from the hip) 3 months after starting her Chemo. The cancer would not give up. The Doctors found tumors on her lungs. She had surgery, they removed 16 tumors.

A few months later we was going to spend Halloween together. April and her little brother Justin was all set the night before Halloween. That same night April started running a high fever. Which had happened often. I took her Back to Kansas City, it was 2:00 am. We spent several days there. I called my husband and told him he better get up here, I had a bad feeling. The Doctor's came in and told us that the cancer had spread to her brain and again she had tumors in her lungs. They told us that there was nothing more they could do for her. She only had a few weeks to live.
She died on a Sunday morning at 3:28. I held her in my arms as she took her last breath.

We miss our sweet Angel. I know she is with God.
As I held her in my arms as she took her final breath, I felt God there. I didn't see or hear anything. It was just a feeling of peace and love. Maybe it was shock. Maybe it was both.
A few nights before April's death she woke up and told her daddy and I that she could see a window and needed to go threw it. She was asking our permission to go.

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Left: April age 6 - - - - Right: April Age Progressed to 23
May, 2006
Aged Progressed Photo, by Phojoe.com

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