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An angel was arranging the Lord's upper room, In the windows of
Heaven, where pretty flowers bloom. The angel said
"Lord better take heed, In this vacant spot, another bud you need."

The Lord looked over and said right away. "Go down to earth and
gather another bud for my bouquet."So the angel was off in the
whisk of a sigh, looking for buds, Passing big flowers by.

He passed many buds that gleamed and shined. But for some reason,
where not the right kind.

Then suddenly there stood a bud so ruby and so fair. "this is the
one" "said the angel," "that the lord wants up there!"

So he snapped it quickly this blossom to gain, For he didn't want
it to feel any pain. And away they went back to the Master's land.
The angel leading the bud, they walked hand in hand.

"Here's your bud, Lord" the angel was sighing "But I left the flowers
down there crying." "I hope they know Master, that you love their rose.
For they were hear broken, and filled with woes"

The Lord turned around He said "I have all power, I'll send new
strength to these dear broken flowers." "My Spirit shall call
them as they live for me, then some glad morning their blossom
they'll see. "And as time goes on, their vision will grow dimmer,
their deep wounds will heal. but their bud they'll remember.
They know the lord giveth and the lord taketh away,

And the Lord needed this bud for his "special bouquet."

April with her brother Justin `1987


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