Sheila Rea Barker
Sheila Rae Barker
Sheila Rae Barker, passed away 
on March 2, 2005.  She touched the 
lives of everyone she knew by 
leaving a piece of herself in each 
of our hearts forever.  She shared 
herself in such a way that her 
compassion and love of life will 
live on in all of us.

Sheila fought the battle of cancer 
with passionate courage beyond 
anyone’s imagination.  Let her 
bravery be an example that the rest 
of us can admire, respect and follow.

Sheila was a faithful, tender wife 
to her husband Jerry for 45 years 
and a dedicated mother to her 
children Jerald and Karen.  She 
was a brick of strength to five 
grandsons.  Being the eldest of 
five, she was always there for and of 
her three sisters (Dee, Lola, & 
Noleen) and her brother (Carl).

Her parents, Nolan and Vera Blair 
from Oklahoma City, have preceded 
Sheila in death.

Sheila could have sought fortune or 
fame with her outstanding artistic 
talents.  Instead she captured her 
inner beauty and used it as a tool 
to warm her home and others.

Sheila will be greatly missed.  
She was a very special person.
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